Paramedic One-Pager

COVER_Paramedic One-PagerIn case of emergency, it’s always good to bring along your Binder of a Lifetime (BoaL) to the hospital. However, to supply quick information for emergency personnel, it’s handy to have a one-pager readily accessible. Thus, the “Paramedic One-Pager” that goes conveniently on your refrigerator using one of the ubiquitous refrigerator magnets.

Why Do This Now?

  • In emergency situations, even basic information can be difficult to remember
  • In dire situations, you or your loved ones may not be able to answer paramedic questions
  • You may not have done all of the Key Information in your BoaL so the information is not all in one place
  • You may forget about your BoaL when in an emergency situation – the paramedics may see the one-pager whether you mention it or not!

HERE’s a three minute video on the subject


I saw this Cool Aid – Lambton County form while visiting some cousins in Sarnia, Ontario recently. This prompted a more immediate effort on what was a planned outcome of our efforts on the Binder of a Lifetime.

Other similar programs that have come to our attention over time include: