Binder of a Lifetime workshop follow-up;

Hi BoaL participants,

I hope this note finds you enjoying life and continuing to make, capture, organize and share memories.

Has your BoaL been opened in the last few weeks? If not, maybe at your leisure in the next few days you’ll have a chance to pursue something you were already doing and/or check on page 2 of the binder to see which of the starred items you might want to pursue in the next few weeks.

Periodically I will plan to send you prompts for new efforts or “helpful hints” for some ongoing projects. Today’s topic is the website – it recently came to my attention through my volunteer efforts with Hospice of Cincinnati. The hospice is using this website as one way to pursue BoaL-like efforts that are stored and executed online.

In particular, if you have interest, check out their Private Messages section HERE: You may recall that during our “The End” topic I mentioned writing an email to be sent to special people after we have died. The Private Messages section on BeRemembered claims to allow you to do this relatively easily. Check that out or one of the other novel approaches they claim are free of charge. If you have experiences to share based on using BeRemembered, please let me know.

As we prepare for summer, I hope you’ll enjoy time with family and friends, possibly even sharing pictures, stories, key information or other items from your BoaL. And, of course, continuing to add materials to your BoaL to make it more vibrant.

Whatever you do, here’s hoping you enjoy the day!


Priority 1: Filling out the Values Worksheet

This 3-minute video – a Memory Missionary Moment – discusses the importance of the Values Worksheet*…

While you’re around family and friends over the weekend or in the days ahead, maybe it’s a good time to fill out the Values Worksheet*? You won’t regret it!

Enjoy the day…and the memories!


Details and next steps for much of the material discussed in the Values Worksheet video is available in the following locations