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Start filling up your “Binder of a Lifetime!” (BoaL)**  This is a gift to your family that is priceless. A gift that costs you very little, except your time…

** What is a Binder of a Lifetime, you ask? **

It’s a systematic, phased approach to BoaL photo for webpageassembling important thoughts and information all in one place, providing

  1. peace of mind for you;
  2. opportunities for meaningful conversations with friends and family NOW;
  3. comfort to friends & family members now and in the future;

Why do this now? “Can it every be too early to make the lives of our loved ones easier?” “We never really know when we won’t have time or energy for such projects.”

Binder of a Lifetime “tabs” (chapters) are customizable to you and may include:  

  • About Me (background questions/answers, autobiography, biography – it’s up to you!;)
  • Key Items (contact info., financial overview, legal papers)
  • Wills/PoA (Will, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care; DNR)
  • Reflections (Conversations of a Lifetime, Bucket List, …)
  • Pictures (selecting your 100-200 favorite photos)
  • Things (where they came from, to whom they should go; computer accounts/passwords, key files)
  • Spiritual (Statement of Faith, Favorite Songs and Scripture Readings, …)
  • At The End (memorial service details, obituary; burial/cremation;)
  • and many more possible “tabs,” all customizable to you

The good news? Binder of a Lifetime accomplishes what many valued advisors (attorneys / insurance agents / religious leaders) recommend in Personal Record Book materials. Your “Binder of a Lifetime” puts all of those materials in one place for you and your loved ones, plus provides a starter for so much more – pictures, stories, planning, etc.

Does this sound interesting and yet almost unattainable? If so, consider downloading the materials HERE in the Resources Center and/or contacting us at

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Here’s what a few of our workshop participants have to say…

“Thanks to your format, we have been able to do what we had not been able to before.” Jerry (Bowling Green, Ohio)

“This is a treasure.” Bonnie (Cincinnati, Ohio region)

“Best $10 I have EVER spent. It was informative and entertaining, too. Most workshops I have been a part of are ‘torture’ – even if I am interested. This is definitely ‘your calling.’ ” Sharon (Cincinnati, Ohio region)

Here’s an article referencing the Binder of a Lifetime written by Long Memories founder, Steve Long

HERE is a YouTube with description/conversation about the Picture tab in the Binder of a Lifetime

Paramedic One-Pager is one of our newest efforts – click HERE for documents and background

Support for efforts like Binder of a Lifetime:

“Technological society has forgotten what scholars call the “dying role” and its importance to people as life approaches its end. People want to share memories, pass on wisdoms and keepsakes, settle relationships, establish their legacies, make peace with God, and ensure that those who are left behind will be okay. They want to end their stories on their own terms. This role is, observers argue, among life’s most important, for both the dying and those left behind. And if it is, the way we deny people this role, out of obtuseness and neglect, is cause for everlasting shame. Over and over, we in medicine inflict deep gouges at the end of people’s lives and then stand oblivious to the harm done.” – Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, page 249

“Given Dr. Gawande’s comments above**, why do we wait to share memories and pass on wisdom and keepsakes until so close to the end of life (if at all?) Many of us no longer have the energy to focus on such tasks when nearing the end. Wouldn’t it be better to have these efforts started, so we can spend more of the time sharing it with others?” – Steve Long, memory missionary, supporting the idea of Binder of a Lifetime

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